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We strive to meet the highest level of performance by providing our esteemed customers superior quality of products. Quality has been our formula for success formulated with the help of proper planning and consistent R&D on every area of the organization. Our Quality Assurance team comprises of a devoted set of professionals always on toes to improve the Quality standards up to and above the customer's specific requirements by controlling the various processes involved to produce the product and technical guidelines given to vendors to make the processes involved easy in production to achieve finally a good product at best price. Each and every piece is thoroughly checked at all stages before it is finally packed and shipped to its destination.

We ensure quality by the virtue of : -

1. Quality yarn is purchased from reputed spinning mills. The finest raw materials, which further undergoes     stringent quality checks to ensure its quality.

2. Dyeing is done by Manual & cabinet by using Eco-friendly dyes(Naptol, Vat, Procin).

3. Weaving is done by handloom, power loom and auto looms under the supervisors.

Stitching in-house with power machines under strict supervision.

5. Inspection and packing done in the factory in the presence of Quality Controllers.


Table Linen
Complete the dining experience with hand printed, embroidered and pure linen table linens

Kitchen Linen
Bring a touch of style to your kitchen with our fabulous collection of kitchen linen
Living Needs
Offering the complete lifestyle here in one place, coordinating, accessible and designed as a whole.
Bed Needs
Our Bed Essentials range is our finest quality products in some of our more subtle hues, perfect for coordinating with your current bedroom style.